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??????? ???? one of its kind Capture the Flag (CTF) 12 hour, Beginner Level, Jeopardy Style, Information Security Competitions. Initiative by Comexpo cyber security Foundation, Organized by The Hacker’s Meet-up and in Association with Centre For Cyber and Information Security .
if you are new to CTF Read our Beginners guide and attend CTF Training to prepare for the competition
Register Now.
Win Prize worth up to Rs.50000/-
How to Participate
Participants have to register as a team, so assemble your squad.
Any Individual or maximum 3 member can consist in a team.
We have limited slot for 100 Teams only, so Preference will be given to THM Members first (Rights of Admission Reserved) Become a Member Today: https://forms.gle/pFRm7m75weHZT8DS7
Benefits of attending this event:
路 Learn How to’s of CTF
路 CTF Training
路 Improve your testing skills
路 Add value to you quantitative and qualitative cybersecurity skills
路 Learn to hack applications
路 Understand Vulnerabilities in Depth
路 Cultivate Critical Thinking
路 Gain Invaluable Practical Experiences
路 Hack All the things you want
路 Networking and Teamwork
路 Beginner to Expert Level
路 Highly Recognized Certification
路 Become a part of a Global Cyber Security Community
Date: 27th -28th September 2020
Time: 10.00 AM – 12.00 AM (14 Hrs)
Website : www.HackersHour.org
Contact us: +91 8980808222 +91 8866827872
mail us on [email protected]

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