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Blocking all negativity
Living my life iv always cared.
I cared so much sometimes i tried to stop caring . Caring what people thought of me ,How I looked ,how I talked ,who I was around and what I did in my life ,and all that caring caused me to suffer mentally.
So much so that i mentally and physically shut people out.

Now I’m in a different head space and iv done a lot of self development and some call it soul searching . Iv done a lot of praying because iv always been close to god but I will be honest and say I did go astray for a long while because I tried to control everything and I’m so happy to say I found my way back to him .And I realize caring with your heart is ok because I genuinely care for people and want to help people and be a positive impact in peoples lives.I realize it’s just what you feed so choose to feed the positive.Im not gonna focus on negatives

I work for this company that opened my eyes and my heart to dream bigger! They have three pilars they whole heartily fulfill!Health, Purpose and Joy! I’ll tell you the truth I was skeptical at first so I prayed about it and god said go for it !! And I’m all in . It’s ok to have dreams but with hard work and dedication I will be at the top.
If your looking for something like this to find purpose don’t be afraid to contact me so I can share it with you

Not stopping till I’m SED

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