Design Concept & development by Projec…


Design Concept & development by @ronak.hingarh
Project modelling and development by @studiomyi

A Tree House

Nestled in the beautiful french countryside, the 600 sqft treehouse is designed as a retreat from urban life; a place suspended between the sky and trees. It is the scenery and projection of extremely exciting adventures, a spurt of creativity, reconciliation with nature. It is a desire for peace and serenity that any adult in any part of the world has never stopped dreaming about.

Taking inspiration from a zoetrope (an animation machine), the treehouse is conceived in an elliptical (egg) form to allow light in and view out from 360 degrees.
The lower level accommodates a highly efficient and compact seating+dining, high-tech kitchen, and a bathroom, all packed with modern amenities. The upper level is the master suite – a secluded, quiet, and a sacred space that allows the user to sleep quite literally under the stars (by means of having a large skylight designed to be placed above the bed), besides enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding site. It is a place where they completely disconnect from the material world and connect with nature.

The core structure is supported by a metal latticed reciprocal-framework that drapes around the shell. It can be suspended from the adjacent trees as well as be constructed as a free-standing structure
Design Concept & development by @ronak.hingarh
Project modelling and development by @studiomyi


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