I have myself back! This hit me hard la…


I have myself back!

This hit me hard last night while watching my companies virtual convention. I was watching a testimony that really hit home for me.

It’s so true guys! I honestly couldn’t even remember what it felt like to be myself because anxiety and depression had a hold on my life for so long.

After years and years of struggling I assumed that was just how I was meant to live my life. I thought the person I had become was who I was intended to be.

I couldn’t have been more wrong y’all. I now know that my body was lacking specific things that I needed to target my anxiety and depression head on.

This year has been crazy for my family and a lot of other families too. BUT this year has also been the best year for my health and personal growth journey. I’ve opened my mind and realized that natural options can be more effective and safer than other options.

By doing this I’ve found myself again. I finally have myself back and I’m thriving y’all! It’s given me my life back and I’m so excited to start each day.

I wake up ready to meet my goals, I eat healthier, I workout, I have more energy, my depression is gone, my anxiety is sooooo much better and continues to get better daily! I’ve been working on personal growth and I’m even down 19lbs as of yesterday after trying for years to get weight off!

Most health issues stem from the gut and this gut brain protocol I’ve been on for almost 3 months has been life changing for me!

I won’t stop sharing this info because it’s helping so many people that I know and it’s lit a fire in my soul. It’s become a passion for me and I feel convicted to share my story and the stories of so many others. I want the people who are struggling with their physical or mental health to see they have other options.

I’m excited to learn and grow today during my companies virtual convention!

We have some amazing promos that just rolled out last night but they also END tonight so if you have questions let’s chat ASAP and figure out if this is something that could help you!❣️❤️

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