I was happy to be in the today …


🙏💜I was happy to be in the today – an exciting day and @bijan_kberg from @spdhessen had this great idea and accompanied me! 💪

First it went up to the Mathildenhöhe 🏔, where Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig founded an artists’ colony in 1899 to promote the Hessian arts and crafts. At that time, impressive buildings provided important impulses for the development of modernity. Art always pursued a social mandate here, in the spirit of exchange, was the laboratory of the future. At the next meeting of the, a decision will be made on the application of Mathildenhöhe as @UNESCOWelterbe I keep my fingers crossed! 👍

The next step was a journey through time into the history of the origins of the flora and fauna of our earth: The Messel pit was originally intended to be a rubbish dump, but a strong citizens’ initiative recognized the value of the former volcanic area. And finally, in 1995 Messel was even included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the first natural monument in Germany: An Eldorado for science. 🔬

🤠 Using the 48 million year old fossil finds, scientists from the Senckenberg Institute are researching what our earth once looked like. I think: Knowing about the amazing biodiversity 🐟🌱 from then is also an obligation for today! My thanks go to the researchers for the fascinating insights. Above all, it was great that I was able to meet so many committed comrades! Have a look in Bijan’s story to see who was there! 🧳

The meeting with the artist collective “Osthang” was a wonderful addition. With exhibitions, readings and concerts, the aim here is to shape the coexistence of people and nature – they especially attract young people here! 👩🏼‍🎨

The afternoon was all about digitization and research collaboration. But more on that in the next post! 👾👾👾

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