KZ-CERT computer incident response service of RSE “MTK” often receives complaints from our compatriots who are victims of fraud schemes through various Internet platforms.

As we reported earlier, the Telegram messenger created fake accounts of famous bloggers, through which fraudsters asked to transfer money to a bank card on behalf of a well-known person. Today, fraudsters have changed the tactics of the attack and started to create accounts not only of celebrities, but also of ordinary citizens. Telegram sends targeted messages to the relatives and friends of the potential victim from the newly created fake accounts with a request to transfer a certain amount of money to the bank card number of a foreign bank. KZ-CERT experts do not rule out the possibility that the attackers did not respect the independence of contact information on social networks, as well as the possibility of being a victim of the spread of contact information.

There has been a significant increase in the number of complaints from users who have fallen victim to fraud by posting sales ads on various Internet platforms. For example, you post a sale announcement, and then the intruders contact you, agree to buy the goods, and send you a link to your bank card to transfer the goods. Then follow the link and enter the details of your bank card with the CVV / CVC-code, and after entering them, the money will be deducted from the bank card account. In this way, fraudsters gain the trust of potential victims to obtain payment card data and then access funds through social engineering.

We remind you that the data of the CVV / CVC-code is needed to make online purchases, not to withdraw money to the bank card account.
In order to prevent such incidents, KZ-CERT provides the following recommendations:
1. When following the link, pay attention to the address bar, ie the correctness of the domain name, redundant symbols in the official name of the organization or company conducting the campaign;

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