Iran internet access

Iran Getting Closer to Full Internet Shutdown, Social media censorship not enough?

Cyberg reporting on iran internet shutdown: Iran’s internet price has increased more than 100% compared to the “limited intranet” just today.
In the past 10 years the Iranian Government has issued policies to prevent the masses to access the internet.
before that policies revolved around Filtering the access to specific websites like Facebook and Twitter but since then users have learned to access the internet through VPN. a year ago when protests fired up all around the country, in a maneuver, government had successfully shut down the internet for 10 days while users had limited access to servers inside iranian borders.
Step by step we are getting closer to the internet shutdown the government had planned since Ahmadinejad presidency.
the below screenshot is one of our websites traffic analysis during the internet shutdown.

iran internet shutdown

Social Media censorship in iran

It seems like the Government has a long term plan for iran internet shutdown and they are getting closer to their goal step by step.

while the iranians don’t have free access to the internet right now in 2020 this is not good enough for the leaders and the internet shutdown seems to be the final answer.

Internet is a major concern for the people of iran. over 24 milion iranians use social media’s such as instagram and twitter and the recent attempts of the government for creating native apps has failed. People don’t seem to welcome native social media’s

Iranian most used Social Medias

this is the most updated list of social medias used in iran in 2020.

almost all social medias has users in iran but the most common ones are listed below:

not enough reliable data for other social media was found.

Iran internet access ranking

according to datareportal there are 58.43 milion iranian users on the internet until january 2020 and 33.40 milion social media users in the country. this number makes iran the 104th country in the league of internet access.

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