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This represents the first of its kind, as it contains the explanation, use and practice of how the various protocols we find in ( work.

Many often hear about decentralized finance or DeFi for short, and how this sector is able to lead to incredible profits with minimal effort, but it is also a really dangerous sector full of pitfalls that lead instead to pursuing projects of dubious seriousness.

Another aspect to consider is the complexity of the various protocols and which for a normal and novice user is extremely difficult if not impossible to be able to exploit them properly or understand how they

Furthermore, the absence of educational and editorial material in this sector makes it difficult for those who are not in this sector to approach it, since most of what we find are single-issue and only explain a or a

And that’s why I created a book that not only groups the main protocols of decentralized finance (DeFi) but I went further and also explained all the protocols on other blockchains, such as ( and even ( .

Only with this book can the power of DeFi be unlocked even for all those who read only one word rather than a billion dollar industry, in which we just have to take our wallet and open an entire world.

Book that analyzes the macro categories of decentralized finance which are:

– and

– Decentralized

All organized into 8 and also divided by blockchain so as to have a complete picture of what we find on the various blockchains and also make the relative comparisons to leave maximum freedom for anyone to use the blockchain they prefer without closing the door to others.

Over 30 analyzed in detail and details, with relative fundamental steps, indication of the various costs incurred to carry out the various transactions, so as to make the reader aware before he can interact with him


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