News and Advantages 1) In an intelligent way …


?News and Advantages?

1) They intelligently force everyone to withdraw and deposit money to MC through the exchange. Since by this means you save in commissions it would go from 3% to 2.21%.

2) Changes of pairs within the exchange have a commission of 0.2%

3) Everything that is done within the exchange generates a separate referral plan, that is, all of your referrals who make changes in the exchange generate commissions. These commissions will be added to you separately by network commission. 30% of what I get they buy you.

4) From now until Sunday the exchange will be open to all MC users.

5) All current users will be given a free basic trading course to encourage them to operate on the exchange.

6) 5 bots are coming, of which 2 bots would be coming out in 2 months. Those 2 Bots are going to operate only with cryptos.

7) They are going to put new pairs, and these pairs indicate that they are implicit and recommended by MC to keep those coins because the price will rise.

8) They ensure that MC will last as long as the exchange lasts.

9) Putting money from your wallet to the exchange does not charge commission.

10) You will receive commission from Monday to Sunday with the exchange, everything that is done will be paid to you daily. That is, you have an additional to improve your income.

11) The exchange’s wallet guarantees it with great security to reduce risks.

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