question that I always received is how


question that I always received is how to be a without any experience?⁣

It is but natural na yung mga clients, they prefer hiring an experienced Social Media Manager. If ikaw newbie ka, there are some ways on how you can gain experience on your own. Una, you can create your own or an then you can manage it according to what you’ve learned. Then use it as a na pwede mo ipakita sa mga target clients mo.⁣

Pwede mo rin kausapin ang mga friends mo na may business, you can offer your free service to them in exchange for positive feedback for you. Make a strategy and for them. And if ever na tumaas ang sales nila dahil sa strategy mo, you can also negotiate for a small amount of fee para sa work mo. Pwede mo na rin ipakita kay client yung page ng friend mo na minamanage for them to know na alam mo ang magiging trabaho mo.⁣

Kaya huwag kayong mawawalan ng pag asa na dahil newbie kayo ay wala kayong makukuha na client. Lahat ng may clients ngayon, nagsimula din sa newbie noon.⁣

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