Simply put, it is a server used to powe…


? Simply put, it is a server used to power a specific cryptocurrency’s blockchain. To validate and secure transactions, all masternodes within a particular crypto network communicate with each other across all nodes on the network to prevent double-spending. It requires an initial collateral of the given cryptocurrency to operate and its unique function makes it different from an ordinary node.

It has features like instant transactions, private transactions, and direct send. Users who run and maintain masternodes receive rewards equal to the rewards of miners in traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems.

Masternode differs from Miner in the following ways:

?️Enhances the privacy of Blockchain transactions
?️Enables instant transactions, direct transactions, and private transactions
?️Governance and voting
?️Assists in budgeting
?️Builds a treasury system

The BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) masternode network is of two levels. The first staking level enables all BTCU holders to participate in through staking their coins. The second is more exclusive masternode level.
They are a set of incentive nodes within the BTCU network that is accountable for controlling particular technical tasks. The functions performed by BTCU masternodes are similar to other PoS coins. Therefore, these nodes are an essential part of the BTCU ecosystem and play an important role in the network’s validation principle.

? The BTCU masternode network performs varieties of functions separately from staking nodes. These separate responsibilities are restricted exclusively to masternodes, and cannot be performed by standard staking nodes. They are shared across the masternode network in a way that, no masternode has power or authority over others in the network.


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