[STALK Vol.12] . Life is gathering …


[STALK Vol.12]

Life is a collection of fragments of the period that we commonly call eras. And each era has its own challenges.
The disruptive era we are living in today also has its challenges. Some have been able to handle it. Call it Netflix, Airbnb, and on a local scale, Gojek. They are able to overcome the challenges of the disruptive era with technology, in order to be able to ride the waves of the times.
The disruptive era eventually gave birth to new technologies that were categorized as disruptive technologies. Blockchain is one of them.
Blockchain is often associated with bitcoin applications, because blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin. However, blockchain isn’t all about bitcoin. There are many other applications the blockchain can handle. What are some of them?
To answer that, STALK vol.12 will raise this topic in a discussion with the theme:
“BLOCKCHAIN, and it’s applications”
with a speaker who is a Blockchain researcher and a PhD candidate from INSA Lyon, namely:
Wisnu Uriawan @ juragan.wisnu
– PhD candidate and Blockchain researcher at INSA Lyon, France @insa_lyon
– Lecturer at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, Bandung @uinbandungofficial
– Chairperson of PPI France 2020 @ppiprancis
– PPI World Adult Coordinator 2020-2021 @ppidunia
– Coordinator of the Journée de Doctorants d’Indonésie (JDI)
Save the date
Day: Sunday, September 20, 2020
Time: 15h00 CEST / 20.00 WIB
Via SEANOTV YouTube Live Streaming: https://bit.ly/stalk_v12
Via ZOOM: https://bit.ly/stalk12-reg (registration via WAG)
This event is FREE (FREE) and open to the public, but places are limited 


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