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want to take better photos for your social media???
step 1. hire someone!
jk, kinda.
while I am a firm believer in delegating, there are a few tricks that YOU can do yourself to make your photos + feed stand out!
?invest in a @glamcorofficial light! seriously, these are a game changer and will make your photos LOOK profesh ??
?use a consistent filter on your photos (unless it’s an airbrush tan of course, then it’s all about the lighting in the photo – see above step ?) this will allow your feed to FEEL well put together
?while we’re on consistency, build your brand using the same color scheme in your photos – to make it easy, choose 3-5 colors you usually photograph with and stick with those in all of your photos
?ask for your audience opinion (without actually asking them ?) – start posting photos with different color schemes, vibes, etc to get a feel for what your audience responds to
?don’t get discouraged if there is a pushback from your followers when you change up your feed, people don’t always like change but try to stick with it for at least one month!
?have fun with your photos! confidence shines through above all else, so professional or not, rock those photos, girl!
I’m curious, do you :
A. feel like you have a consistent, cohesive feed
B. feel like your feed is all over the place!
I’m always here to help, please reach out with any questions!


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