How to Buy Backlinks using Cryptocurrency

What are Backlinks?

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What are Backlinks?

 Backlinks or one-way links are the links that direct one website to another page or website. Google and other search engines consider the number of backlinks from a specific page. so you might be interested in buying backlinks with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin . we will explain how this works and if it’s legal to do. Pages with a higher number of backlinks appear higher in search engine results.

Since these links directly guide the audience to a specific page on your website, they are called “backlinks.”

What is the Significance of Backlinks?

When a website creates a backlink to a page on another website, it promotes the other website as a valuable and interesting page. Therefore when another website creates backlinks to your website, in Google algorithm gives “votes” to your website. The more votes you have from other websites, the higher your website appears in Google search results.

As detailed in the diagram, the higher the number of backlinks to a website, the higher its position in Google rankings.

What are the Most Important Factors in Creating Backlinks?

  1. They come from confirmed and renowned websites. One backlink from a certified and popular website is more powerful than 1000 backlinks from unknown websites. This indicates “Domain Authority” in Google algorithms; the higher the ranking and authority of a certain website, the more valuable their votes to your website.
  2. The anchor text in the backlink includes the keywords of the target website. The richer the keywords in the anchor text, the more valuable the votes received from the website through backlinks. However, you should be precise in choosing the anchor texts because if you use too many keywords, it might have a reverse effect on your websites’ ranking in Google algorithms.
  3. The backlink is made to your website from a website with similar content to yours. When you publish a specific type of content on your website, it is important to have backlinks from the websites that create the same type of content; otherwise, you will not get as many votes as you wish in the Google search engine.
  4. The backlink is a “Dofollow” link that points back to your website when clicked on. This indicates that if another website inserts a link on their page that traces back to you, this backlink will give your website higher votes based on Google algorithms. That is why you need to make sure to make external links to the certified websites and have higher authority in Google search engines. The higher the authority of the website you have made an external link to, the more votes your website gets in Google Algorithms.

Note1: Nofollow links, on the other hand, are the external links that you place on your website which do not trace back to your page. Here’s an example of the HTML address for the websites that have Nofollow links:

Link Text .

  1. Make external links to websites that have not been linked to you before. The most important thing to note here is that you only get votes from the websites that introduce backlinks to your website for the first time; after the first time, the number of backlinks made to your website does not play a significant role in your website’s ranking in Google’s search engine.

How to Get Organic Backlinks to Your Website

external backlinks

You have probably discovered how important it is to have backlinks to your website to elevate its status in the Google algorithm. even though you could purchase backlinks with cryptocurrency , it’s always best to get organic links. In the following, we would like to show you how to facilitate organic backlinks to your website:

  1. Create engaging, authentic, and valid content on your website. The point most overlooked in content marketing is the content itself. When you publish up-to-date, relatable, and verifiable content on your website, it is only a matter of time until other websites start referring their users to your website for more information and other actions.
  2. Make content for third-party websites, and promote your content on their websites. This way, you direct the traffic on that website to yours more quickly and effectively.
  3. Provide a link for any content you would like to share with your users, especially the bonus and free products. For instance, place a downloadable link to your free podcast on your website.

How to Get Free Backlinks

ranking, backlinks from single domain

The easiest way to get free backlinks to your website is to use the free tips and services available on guest blogging sites to promote your website. These guest blogging websites include Business Insider, Pepper Content, Copy Blogger, Social Media Examiner, and Smashing Magazine. When you use either of the clues provided on these websites to generate backlinks to your website, you have employed the “white hat SEO” technique.

Create the Best Content Using Pepper Content

pepper content website

 On Pepper Content, you can use the services provided to create specialized content for your blogs, articles, and website.

How to Buy Backlinks to Your Website

We have already discussed the main importance of backlinks in promoting your websites’ ranking in the Google search engines. We have also provided you with some clues on how to get organic backlinks to your website. But what if there is a faster way to develop the ranking of your website? You may choose to buy backlinks to your website. Technically, those who choose to buy backlinks for their website indicate they have employed a “black hat SEO” technique since buying backlinks goes against the policies of some search engines.

Is It Legal To Buy Backlinks to Your Website?

google policy

According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, any behavior that manipulates the Page Ranking system in Google Algorithm is prohibited and is considered a violation of their policies. and only “their policy”. that means it’s absolutely not against the law of any country that we know. and as far as we know.

Remember that we’re talking about follow links. if you pay for posts online you need to use “sponsored” or “nofollow” link attributes so google knows you’re not trying to fool the search engines. using these attributes doesn’t mean that there will be zero SEO value to them. but the effects of SEO compared to follow links are now known.

if you know of any legal article that says purchasing a backlink is illegal please leave a comment below so we can inform others.

Based on this policy, buying backlinks is not allowed in Google metrics, and if you get caught, Google might remove your page entirely from the search engine. That is why some people argue that buying backlinks is unwise and unjustified. Nonetheless, some people still resort to buying backlinks for elevating their website’s ranking in the Google search engine.

Where to Buy Backlinks for Your Website

One website that provides services for developing your content and promoting your website is Promoneum. On promoneum , you can consult with experts on how to further develop your content and your website visibility in Google search engines. you could also promote your website using cryptocurrency.

Sape, A Website Where You Can Buy and Sell Backlinks

sape website

 On Sape, a Russian domain, you can buy and sell Russian backlinks to improve your SEO results and direct your desired traffic to your website.

This website claims to have a huge database of sites you can make external links to and further develop your website’s ranking in Google search results. You need to sign up on the website and follow the instructions to get your desired outcome. You can sign up at Sape and pay for their services using PayPal, YooMoney, Webmoney, Qiwi, and Bankcard.

How to Buy Backlinks using Cryptocurrency 

On  a website called Promoneum , you can buy  sponsored posts + backlinks with cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ethereum that reach the most contextually appropriate niche websites that rapidly improve your SEO results. This website has access to more than 30000 sites to help you make the best backlinks to improve your website’s ranking in Google search results.

How to Buy Cheap Backlinks?

On Kwork, you can buy cheap backlinks for 10$. Kwork guarantees fast delivery of services and results and has a refund policy. Look at the table below to learn more about the services and fees at Kwork.

kwork website

How to Buy Expired Domains

One of the best ways to boost your website’s ranking in the Google search engine is to buy expired domains with great backlinks. On Spamzilla, you can find and buy expired domains with DoFollow/NoFollow and Outbound links. Through the advanced filters of Spamzilla, you can search for the best domains based on SEO metrics that would help you develop your website’s ranking in Google search results dramatically. You can gain access to powerful domains with high authority that could boost your websites’ visibility and rank to a great degree. A specific feature available at Spamzilla allows you to choose among the cheapest and most reasonably priced domains. Therefore, check out this website if you are looking for a bargain in buying an expired domain with high authority.

How to Buy Pr9 Backlinks

On Upwork, you can buy 20 High-Quality Pr9 permanent backlinks for high authority domains. By spending only 5$, you can buy 20 forums to give you a jumpstart in developing and promoting your website’s ranking in Google metrics. If you spend 15$, you can buy 50 forums, which is a highly reasonable price. Therefore, Upwork is the website you can buy cheap backlinks easily.

Can Buying Backlinks Guarantee the Improvement of Your Website’s SEO Results?

There is no guarantee that you get to promote your website’s ranking drastically in Google search engines by buying backlinks. However, if you keep developing your content to make it unique and up-to-date, you will eventually witness a rise in your website’s ranking, whether you buy backlinks to promote your website.