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What is a Domain?

We are frequently asked by amateurs and beginners: what is a domain name, and how do domains work? In case you are just starting to work with hosts and domains, at that point, you may have heard that you require a domain name to have a website.

In any case, numerous fledglings mistake domain name for a site or site hosting. In case you are simply beginning, at that point, all these various terms may sound excessively technical.

In this current article, we will answer what a domain name is and how domains function. The objective is to assist you with comprehension and pick the correct domain name for your site.

A domain name is your website’s name. A domain name is how Internet users can get to your website. A domain name is used for discovering and distinguishing PCs on the Internet. PCs use IP addresses, which are simply numbers. It is hard for people to remember and use series of numbers. Along these lines, domain names were created and used to recognize elements on the Internet instead of utilizing IP addresses.

A domain name can be any mixed letters and numbers, and it very well may be utilized in a mix of the different domain name extensions, for example, .com, .net, and the sky is the limit there.

The domain name should be enrolled(registered) before you can utilize it. Each domain name is unique. No two sites can have a similar domain name on the off chance that somebody types in, it will go to your site and nobody else’s.

The cost of a domain name ordinarily runs between $8-40 every year. (premium domains can be as high as 4000$ and more a year.

A domain name is a fundamental piece of having a site. However, it’s just essential for the condition. To dispatch a site, you’ll likewise require content and a host(hosting server)to store your records so they can be accessible on the web. Recall that possessing a domain doesn’t mean hosting is additionally included.

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