National SEO


National SEO includes everything that Local SEO has but the activity almost doubled + targets the whole country instead of local market. this will ensure we will successfully capture google’s First page for a specific country that your company or store is based in. in many circumstances you will also be shown to other nations as well.


Simply put, Netgro will make sure that the search engine Optimization activities are set to overcome your National Competitors . We will take every measure to put you on top. this will include comprehensive activities such as analyzing your rivals every move and make the proper response to out smart them before they know it.

what is National SEO?

Google tops websites on SERP or Search Engine Result Page that deliver better user experiences compared to their similar websites. when your company is competing in wider area such as a country yo will have more competitors and websites will fight for the SERP. So you need to make bigger moves to increase your success rate in your country.

National SEO is also suitable if you have the resource or will to provide service and product to other cities as well as yours . if you offer services and products country wide you will need to opt in this Service. this is the main difference between National and Local SEO.

Netgro Nashional SEO Services

Below you can find a list of activities that Netgro will perform to insure your Online Growth Nationally. a minimum of 6 months of service is required to ensure success rate of these operations and start to seeresult. to go straight to pricing click here
However this package does not include:

National SEO prices

Local SEO prices vary depending on your needs and starting points. it usually ranges between 4000$ to 6000$ on a monthly basis.

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