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We as a Social media growth service review website help you to spread your vision on social media! Your vision can manifest itself in the form of a great product or a service. Many companies, including long-established but also young start-ups, often lack the necessary knowledge for modern and successful marketing campaigns in the social medias.So as the result An enormous sales potential is lost.

That is where Cyberg comes in! we review companies that make  complete advertising campaign for you, take care of the entire organization and processing. You can sit back and relax and look forward to increasing sales and growing brand awareness.

Social media growth

Social Media Management

With over a billion active users worldwide that half of which are daily active users- Social media is an increasingly popular platform for your marketing approach. Social Medias such as instagram,facebook,linkedin or even TikTok, can be a true gold mine. But do you have to be a large company or well-known brand to start your work on Social medias? The Short answer is no!

But how you should start working on your social media growth? there are 2 ways. if you have a lot of time and a little expertise you can kick it off yourself. You as an entrepreneur or someone who’s trying to start a small business can Start learning How to grow your social media step by step. but of course it will desire a great amount of time and experience to do it right.Putting your steps in the right direction and you can handle it yourself and we will help you do it!

But if you can set a budget and have a larger company or if you’re willing to put all your focus on your Brand/Idea you can let experts handle your social media experience. here at Cyberg we have an strategy to Find companies that help you achieve your desires which we believe is getting more leads or audience for your product and brand.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting

Due to our years of cooperation with premium brands from a wide variety of industries, as well as our networking with a number of agencies, artists and influencers, we will provide you Social Meida Consulting  with expert assistance in any situation. 

As social media marketing is increasingly replacing traditional marketing methods such as TV and physical printed ads, we advise you to don’t miss out on advertising on social media platforms  such as Youtube and Instagram (as well as Linkedin for b2b companies) and don’t let competitors outpace you! We would be glad to advise you on this and show you how to position yourself successfully in the long term in the social media market. We train you or your team and quickly provide you with the basics for successful advertising campaigns.

what is organic social media growth

unpaid reach (organic reach)  on social media is one of the most powerful tools you have in marketing and communication. But also one of the most underrated. And one of the most difficult.

organic social media growth is actually “unpaid traffic” that doesn’t come from the social media ads to your social media page. if you’re working on social media, you’re working for reach. After all, your goal is to reach as many of your current followers as possible. And if you do it right , you hope that your story will also spread outside your current followers.

The great thing about reaching your current followers is that they have already stated that they want to follow you or hear from you. Following a company on social media is a sign of an means that they want to keep up to date with your company and hear what you have to say.

Your current followers are the gateway to new ones. every post you make on your page has the chance that people share it or that they tag people from their network under your message and thus pull them into your orbit.

social media growth company

Social media growth

A social media growth company such as Promoneum or Goldfollower helps you get more organic reachs and/or  create a successful Advertising campaigns with the help of experienced people who know how social media works. we will use tools to analyze your niche, keywords and traffic so instead of wasting your precious time on a field that you or your employees don’t have enough experience in and invest that time on what you’re good at such as designing your products.

1-Paid Campaigns:

Social Media offers various ways for advertising:

  • Photos/image ads
  • Video advertisements
  • Carousel advertisements
  • Collection of advertisements
  • Stories ads.
  • Instant Experience (formerly Canvas story ads)
  • Follower promotion packs

Influencer Promotional posts

While growing organic followers takes a lot of time and energy, some social media marketing companies provide influencer promotion packs, where they introduce a significant amount of followers to your account or page. As a result, the number of your prospects would surge by thousands in a few days in exchange for the paid service. Furthermore, according to social behavior scientists, this strategy also improves your organic conversion rates. Goldfollower, Promoneum, netgro and socialgro are some such companies., for example, was founded in 2012 by Arash Abolhasani. 

In 2015, we interviewed Mr. Abolhasani  Founder, the head of Goldfollower in Istanbul. Back then, the company was operating marketing campaigns on Instagram and YouTube. When asked how modern marketing strategies such as influencer marketing could help with a social media account’s revenue, he explained:” the social media world is beyond traditional markets where success would be measured by accumulating more income. Today, we are shifting from a corporate world to a personalized environment. So, we have to consider the impact of personal branding and social bonding. You know that people trust people. That’s, in fact, the pillar of social media. So, when users come to a page or channel with thousands of followers, they feel good about giving the page a chance, at least.” Today, after five years, Gold Follower has extended its activities to two over ten different platforms. They have three offices around the globe

social media growth tools

Social Media growth tools can help you gather statistics,automate posts or give you a great insight for your social media accounts. Social media tools use data provided by Social Media platform API’s and can help you determine your best next move!

there are a great number of free and paid Social Media Tools available online. if you’re interested in knowing these tools here you can read more about Top Social Media Tools available.

social media growth strategies

There are generally 2 known social media growth strategies: 

  • Paid Campaigns
  • Organic Growth

1-Paid Campaigns:

social medias offers various ways for advertising:

  • Photos / image ads
  • Video advertisements
  • Carousel advertisements
  • Collection of advertisements
  • Stories ads.
  • Instant Experience (formerly Canvas story ads)

All ads are integrated into the Feed and Stories for a better user experience.

social medias ads can be set via the advertising environment of the social media platform.for example  Within Facebook, it’s called Ad Manager.  you can use Facebook’s rich user database to reach your target group in a targeted way.  Another advantage is that you manage both your Facebook and Instagram ads in the same environment.

2-Organic Growth:

Organic growth consists of trying to become the authority within your niche  by creating  viral/original content. This is not as easy as it sounds! the truth is that in the current social media environment depending on the chosen platform , making viral content or becoming the authority in your niche is incredibly labor intensive, expensive and difficult but not impossible. mixed with paid campaigns you will have the best chance of being seen on any social media.

social media management

Social media management is a term used to describe the collective strategies that companies use to obtain a greater presence among consumers using different social media platforms. To that end, businesses use specific public relations and promotional initiatives that include original content creating, knowledge of social media search engine  algorithms to engages and attract consumers. In a broader sense, social media management is about developing online marketing approaches that connect with potential customers through the social media page itself or refer leads to your physical store or websites. One of the main elements in any social media management plan is learning the essentials of search engine optimization or SEO and social media platforms algorithms.

social media growth : prospect

The following chart describes  the worlds most-used social platforms in Jan 2020  based on: Kepios data analysis, company Statements and the platforms advertising capacities. as you can see more and more people are using social medias to grow their business. clearly one can not underestimate the power of these tools and if one does surely will be outpaced by competitors before they know it.

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