How to Buy Spotify Followers Using Cryptocurrency

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How to Buy Spotify Followers Using Cryptocurrency

Spotify is a platform that allows you to listen to hundreds of music tracks, podcasts, true crime broadcasts, and audiobooks for free. Spotify is a platform for listeners. Spotify also provides:

  • Premium Plans for individual accounts at 9.99$ per month.
  • Dual accounts at 12.99 $ per month.
  • Family accounts at 15.99$ per month.

If you are a student, you can benefit from the student discount and buy your Premium Spotify account for 4.99$ per month. Spotify is a platform that allows individual artists to connect with their fans directly and without the need for an agency and record labeling company. This feature helps independent artists save so much money that otherwise would be spent on their music and content promotion.

Spotify studies the following factors to rate its users:

  • Spotify Plays
  • Spotify Likes
  • Spotify Followers
  • Spotify Comments
  • All other actions such as views, playlist, etc

Any of the factors above influence your ranking within the Spotify platform. To raise your status on the Spotify platform, you need to increase the engagements on your Spotify streams. Your ranking within the Spotify platform also impacts your popularity among Spotify users, directly affecting the amount of money you can make using Spotify.

How Can You Make Money Using Spotify

You can make money by streaming music and podcasts on Spotify. Spotify pays its users 0.00437$ per stream. Your music or podcast should play for at least 30 seconds to get paid. While the money that is initially paid by the Spotify platform is not much at first (e.g., it takes 336,842 streams to make around 1,472$), if you are at the beginning of your career as a musician or as a podcast creator, it is far better than nothing.

However, there are other ways to make more money using Spotify:

  1. Promote your music events and concerts: You can promote your upcoming concerts and sell tickets to music lovers. This way, you can earn money in a way other than live-streaming. To do so, first, sign up in Songkick and add your concert date and location. Then put up an ad for your concert on your Spotify page. Your fans can find the information necessary about your concert from Songkick.
  2. Sell merchandise: you can sell your merchandise directly to your fans on Spotify. To be able to sell merchandise to your fans, first directly, you need to sign up at MerchBar. Once you have created your MerchBar account, link your Spotify artist profile. Upon viewing your Spotify profile, fans can witness what you are selling on MerchBar, and they can buy them directly through MerchBar.  

How to Buy Spotify Followers


 If you are new to Spotify and wish to develop your account to have more followers and more visibility on the platform, you can buy Spotify followers at Socialgro. At Socialgro, you can buy Spotify followers, likes, and plays for only 1.9$.

How to Buy Spotify Followers Using Cryptocurrency?

If you want to buy Spotify followers using Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency, then you can go to Cyber Market. On Cyber Market, you can buy cheap Spotify likes and followers and develop your Spotify channel further.

How to Get Free Spotify Followers?

On Likigram, you can get free and real Spotify followers. Likigram is a website that claims to offer real and organic Spotify followers for free. To get your free Spotify followers, follow these steps:

ü Go to the Likigram SMM tool

ü Carefully enter your Spotify username

ü Check to see whether it finds your account correctly

ü Tap the “Get” button

ü After sending out your request for free followers, you need to wait for at least hours until your free followers are delivered to your Spotify account

ü You can apply for free Spotify followers on this website every 24 hours.

Is It Legal to Buy Spotify Followers?

Buying Spotify followers is not illegal, but since Spotify pays its users per stream, you have actively rubbed Spotify if you buy fake followers and use bots to boost your likes and views. Therefore, from a financial standpoint, it is not wise to buy Spotify followers because you may face some consequences in the future. Buying fake Spotify followers to boost your counterfeit streams while not being illegal is a risky move. Make sure to take all involving factors into account before buying Spotify followers.

How to Get Organic Spotify Followers

No matter how many methods you employ to increase your Spotify followers (e.g., buy followers, or get free packages), the number of your followers is ultimately dependent upon your content. Follow these steps to increase your Spotify followers organically:

  • Create high-quality and unique content: if you are streaming music on Spotify, use high-quality tools to produce better music for your audience. Never cheat on your Spotify streams, and never try to post somebody else’s content and music as your own.
  • Create engaging titles for your podcasts and playlists that make people want to click on them and listen to them.
  • Promote your content with other Spotify streamers and artists. Host multi-paneled podcasts that involve different voices and points of view.
  • Always comment on other people’s content and commit yourself to respond to every comment on your podcasts and streams. The easiest way to lose your Spotify followers is to make them feel disregarded. If your followers feel like you are not interacting with them as they please, they shall leave your page.

What Am I Losing My Followers on Spotify?

There are two main reasons to lose your followers on Spotify:

  1. Your content was not engaging enough, which is why your followers have unfollowed you.
  2. The Spotify platform removed some fake followers and bots in your followers upon being discovered.

While there is always a chance you have had fake accounts among your followers, the first reason appears to be the most likely for your followers to leave your channel.

How to Spot Fake Accounts and Fake Streamers on Spotify

If you spot an account with many followers and stream viewers but do not have as many likes and comments on its posts, you can doubt its validity and authenticity. The real followers engage with your streams and podcasts and leave comments. If such engagement is not present at one account, then there is a good chance it has nothing but fake followers or is a fake account itself.  

Ten Most Followed Artists on Spotify in 2022

  1. Ed Sheeran: 92.1 million followers
  2. Ariana Grande: 75.6 million followers
  3. Drake: 60.7 million followers
  4. Billie Eilish: 56.7 million followers
  5. Justin Bieber: 56.3 million followers
  6. Eminem: 52 million followers
  7. Taylor Swift: 48.8 million followers
  8. Rihanna: 47 million followers
  9. BTS: 45.3 million followers
  10. Bad Bunny: 43.3 million followers

 Who are the 10 Most Streamed Artists on Spotify?

  1. Drake
  2. Ed Sheeran
  3. Bad Bunny
  4. The Weekend
  5. Ariana Grande
  6. Justin Bieber
  7. Eminem
  8. Taylor Swift
  9. Post Malone
  10. BTS

What was the No.1 Podcast on Spotify in 2021?

“The Joe Rogan Experience” was the most popular podcast on Spotify, drawing more than 11 million listeners to each episode. In 2019, Joe Rogan made more than 30 million dollars in revenue from his podcast alone. Despite his massive success in the early years, by the start of the pandemic, Joe Rogan invited some controversy and some criticism to his podcast by first posing as a vaccine skeptic and exchanging his controversial views on how to deal with the global health concerns over the pandemic. 

Joe rogan

He said that younger people need not be vaccinated at all due to their robust body structure, which was met with huge criticism from the medical community.

While it was true at the beginning of the pandemic that young people did not suffer physically as much as the senior members of the society, they would nonetheless be able to transmit the virus to the more vulnerable members of the community and place them at even higher risks.

His skeptical views on Covid-19 vaccination and PPE use made him a figure of a “disinformation campaign” in the media that even prompted calls to cancel his Spotify podcast. Later on, videos surfaced of him using the “n” word during his podcast and on some other occasions for which he apologized.

However, some people believe that his apology was not enough and that he should face some consequences for his unruly actions in the past. In the follow-up of these events, some celebrities boycotted Joe Rogan’s podcast and vowed not to appear on it again.

At this point, the fate of “The Joe Rogan Experience” is still unclear. Will Joe Rogan become another victim of the “Cancel-Culture” of the liberal left, or will he leave this battle unfettered like the many he faced inside the ring?