How to Buy Twitch Followers with Cryptocurrency

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The live streaming website Twitch was launched in 2011. Because of its rapid popularity, it was bought by Amazon in 2014. Twitch is a website that allows streamers to film themselves live to show what there are doing. Initially, it was used by gamers to record themselves while playing games. Still, it is now being used for multiple other purposes, including showcasing the creation of your artwork, music, talk shows, and even some cartoons and TV series. What makes Twitch stand out among its competitors including YouTube is the reality of the experience; the streamers stream their videos in real-time and without any editing. The Twitch streamers can make money through their subscribers’ subscription fees to subscribe to their channel or through the online credits their fans send to them. Watch this video to learn more about Twitch online streaming website. This article would like to explore how you can expand your twitch followers using cryptocurrency and other methods.

Get Free Twitch Followers

 The first step is to go to websites that give you some Twitch followers. One of these websites is Streamular; you can get free and real Twitch followers on this website. Streamular is a website that allows Twitch streamers to connect and provides a follow-for-follow platform. To get real and free followers on Streamular, you need to log in to your Twitch account to get free followers.

Is it Safe/Legal to Buy Twitch Followers?

Buying Twitch followers is against Twitch’s Terms of Service. You are merely allowed to buy advertisements to promote your Twitch channel. However, if it is discovered that you have purchased fake followers on Twitch, you run the risk of being suspended and even being permanently banned on Twitch. Therefore, take these matters into account carefully before trying to buy Twitch followers.

Where to Buy Twitch Followers

One of the best websites to buy Twitch followers is Cyber Market. Cyber Market provides a safe platform for buying more followers for your Twitch streaming profile and developing your account further. What makes Cyber Market even more valuable as a platform to develop your Twitch account is that it provides services for parents to monitor their children’s online activity. Since the activity on Twitch happens in real-time and there are no editing features and services available, and most Twitch followers are young adults and teenagers. Parents need to have some form of control and supervision over the content their children post online via Twitch.

How to Buy Cheap Twitch Followers 

 On Buy Real Media, you can buy from 50 to 1000 Twitch followers. For 50 followers, you only have to pay 3$ and for 1000 followers, you need to pay 34$. On this website, you are granted a 30-days refund policy. You can buy authentic Twitch followers on this website who belong to accounts of real people.

Can You Buy Twitch Followers Using Cryptocurrency?

 Yes, on Cyber Market you can buy Twitch followers and views using cryptocurrency. Cyber Market allows you to buy cheap Twitch followers that you can buy using Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency.

How Many Twitch Followers Do You Need to Start Making Money?

To start making money as a Twitch Affiliate, you need to have at least 50 followers and you should have live-streamed for at least 500 minutes over the past 30 days. Here are 3 ways that you can make money by live-streaming your videos on Twitch:

  • Subscription fees: Subscribers of your channel must pay a monthly fee for watching your content.
  • Twitch Bits: They are the virtual items your subscribers can buy online while chatting with you. You are paid 1 cent every time one of your followers buys a Twitch Bit at your profile.
  • Game Sales: If you are live-streaming a game you play, you can promote your game on Twitch which is the very way to earn money from the profits of selling the game.

 Apart from being a Twitch Affiliate you can become a Twitch partner and benefit from some additional features that are detailed in the following:

Why Are My Twitch Followers Not Updating?

If you have joined the Twitch live-streaming network for quite some time and have not seen any rise and development in your Twitch followers, you might be losing followers or not gaining any new ones. Here are some tips to grow your Twitch audience fast and free:

  1. Stream as many hours as you can and as often as you can. The more you engage with your audience directly, the more interested them in watching your content.
  2. Use the best products to create a high-quality streaming experience for your audience. Blurry videos and not clear voices will not get you far in the live-streaming business.
  3. Listen to your audience’s feedback, answer their questions, ask them what they like to watch on your live-streaming channel, and try to connect with your audience as often as possible. Try to maintain a pleasant and friendly relationship with your audience.
  4. If you are live streaming game play, get good at your game. If you are live-streaming music, practice the song before. And if you are live-streaming talk shows, do your homework on the topic of discussion and try to make the conversation as engaging and interesting as possible.
  5. If you are live-streaming a talk show, choose a topic that would intrigue reactions in your audience. Do not fall into the trap of regular podcasts. Be creative, and see your audience grow in no time.
  6. Create another social media page and platform to promote your Twitch live-streaming channel. People may not always be on Twitch, but they are constantly on their phones, so connect with your audience through multiple platforms.

I Have Reached 50 Followers on Twitch but still cannot become an Affiliate, Why?

When you reach 50 followers usually within minutes or hours an email is sent to your account to inform you that you can become a Twitch Affiliate. However, you sometimes need to wait a little bit longer for the confirmation. Sometimes the email is sent to you only after gaining the 51st follower. Therefore, you need to be patient. If you gain 51 followers or more and still did not receive the affiliation email, contact the Twitch support services.

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch

There are several ways that you can boost your Twitch views:

  1. Always do a test stream before going live to check the quality of your videos.
  2. While you play games on Twitch, play it with the viewers. Do not play with other broadcasters all the time.
  3. Play a game you can play well.
  4. Keep the conversations going. Do not sit in absolute silence and just play. It helps to include a chat box on the screen to connect with your audience.
  5. Make your live-streams fun and choose a game you enjoy playing.
  6. Play in tournaments.
  7. Set out promotions and gifts for the best players.
  8. Live stream when your followers are most likely to watch your videos.
  9. Maintain a schedule and always play at the same time.
  10. Make your live streams into YouTube videos so that your followers can watch them later.
  11. Create other social media accounts associated with your Twitch account and promote your live streams there.
  12. Have your followers ask you questions and post their answers on Reddit.
  13. Ask other Twitch live-streamers to co-host with you during your games.
  14. Notify your followers every time you are going live.
  15. Ask your followers to invite others to your live streams.


What is the Most Followed Channel on Twitch in 2022?

Here is a list of the most followed channels on Twitch along with the number of their followers:

  1. Ninja: 17.4 million followers. His real name is Tyler Blevins.
  2. Auronplay: Raúl ‘Auronplay’ Álvarez has more than 12 million followers.   
  3. Rubius: Rubén “ElRubius” Doblas who has more than 11 million followers.
  4. Tfue: Turner Tenney has more than 10 million followers.
  5. xQcOW: Félix “xQc” Lengyel has more than 10 million followers.    

How Much Money Twitch Streamers Make?

Making money on Twitch depends on various factors, including the number of your subscribers, viewers, and the number of credits your subscribers send you each month. On average, Twitch streamers with few followers make from 50$ to 1500$ per month.

Average streamers make around 250$ in revenue for every 100 subscribers, and they also make 3.50$ for every 1000 views of their live streams. Expert streamers make from 3000$ to 5000$ per month by streaming at least 40 hours a week.  

Top Highest Earning Twitch Streamers in 2021

Here is a list of the Twitch streamer who made the most money in the past year:

  1. Ninja: Ninja made more than 25 million dollars. Ninja is a phenomenon in and of itself in Twitch streaming history. He took this experience to places that no one had ever done, which is why he rises in popularity on Twitch day by day.
  2. Shroud: He made more than 22 million dollars.
  3. Tfue: He made more than 14 million dollars.
  4. xQcOW: He made more than 13 million dollars.
  5. Tim the Tatman: He made 12 million dollars.
  6. Summit1G: He made more than 11 million dollars.
  7. Nickmercs: He made 9 million dollars.
  8. NightBlue3: He made more than 7 million dollars.
  9. Syndicate: He made 6 million dollars.
  10. DrLupo: He made more than 4 million dollars.