How to Buy YouTube Subscribers Using Cryptocurrency

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers Using Cryptocurrency

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 On December 15th, 2005, YouTube was launched by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who all used to work in Silicon Valley. YouTube was created to create a platform that would allow everyone to upload whatever videos they would like on the internet. The creators of YouTube believed that a platform that would enable sharing videos that might be slightly larger than the video clips people used to have on their phones was not yet created, and that is why they launched YouTube.

Now, more than 15 years after the original launching of the YouTube platform, it has transformed into the most prominent medium of shared videos on every topic that can occur to one’s mind. You can go to YouTube and watch the re-runs of your favorite sitcoms, catch up with the latest news worldwide, learn to cook a burger in 7 ways, remember to Speak Korean and listen to free audiobooks, and podcasts. YouTube has now developed into this video directory of the most important and precious pieces of information that at times you cannot even find in books.

It has also provided a platform for many to earn a decent living by posting their videos and increasing subscribers. Do you want to know how to increase your YouTube subscribers and start making money? Then stick around till the end of this article because we have some interesting pieces of information for you.

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

The first thing you need to do is create a channel on YouTube. You can upload as many videos as you like in your channel when you have a channel. Once you start a channel, no matter how engaging your videos may be, you still need some help to promote and develop your channel so that more audiences would be attracted to it. The best way to do so is to get some free subscribers for your YouTube channel. Certain websites allow you to have a limited number of subscribers each day once you have registered on their website and used their services. SubPals is a website that helps you to get free YouTube subscribers for your channel through the following steps:

  1. Login to the website.
  2. Choose a plan that suits your purpose best and activate it.
  3. Subscribe and start liking the videos.
  4. After 60 minutes, your registration is complete.
  5. Now it’s time for you to receive your free YouTube subscribers.

 There is another website called YTPals that offers free YouTube subscribers and likes. By using The Free Package, you can get 5 subscribers every 12 hours. You need to manually reactivate your plan every 12 hours to have 5 subscribers each time. By spending from 20$ to 80$ every month, you can benefit from the Enterprise, Elite, and Celebrity packages, all of which give you at least 10 followers each day. If you purchase any of these plans, unlike ‘The Free Plan’, you need not worry about the plan’s renewal. It would be activated automatically every day.

Where Can You Buy Legitimate YouTube Subscribers?

Buying real or legitimate YouTube subscribers is essential if you have recently launched your YouTube page and have not been able to reach your desired audience yet. Go to Media Mister, and buy from 50 to 500 YouTube Subscribers.

 You need to pay 89 $ for 500 YouTube subscribers. You can also buy YouTube views, likes, shares, watch time hours, etc from this website. Considering the services Media Mister provides, it is an excellent website to buy cheap YouTube subscribers.

Can You Buy YouTube Subscribers Using Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can buy YouTube subscribers using Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency.

Which Website Allows you to Buy Cheap YouTube Subscribers?

 You can buy cheap YouTube subscribers at Socialgro. With only 1.9$ you can start buying YouTube subscribers and developing your YouTube channel further.

Which Website Allows you to Buy Cheap YouTube Subscribers Using Cryptocurrency?

 If you want to buy cheap YouTube subscribers with cryptocurrency, Cyber Market is one of the best options. On Cyber Market, you can also buy YouTube likes, shares, views, etc.

Is It Illegal to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

No, it is not. According to the Terms of Service of YouTube, it is entirely legal to buy and benefit from special services to advocate for your business and personal brand unless cyber actors and electronic bots offer these services. Whatever service you use within the YouTube platform to introduce and develop your plan must be conducted by real people and business partners. If it is discovered that you have fake subscribers, views, and likes, your video will be removed from YouTube.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Have on YouTube to Start Making Money?

Once you reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube and have more than 4000 video watch hours in the previous year, you can apply to YouTube’s Partner Program and start making money from your YouTube channel. There are multiple ways to make money using your YouTube channel, including ads, subscriptions, and channel memberships.

Which YouTubers have the Highest Number of Subscribers around the World?

YouTube has now become an international sensation, indicating that people from all parts of the world love YouTube and post their content. Here is the list of the people who have the highest number of subscribers from all parts of the world:

ü The person with the highest number of YouTube subscribers in India:Carry Minati is the top YouTuber in India with more than 35 million subscribers on YouTube. As the top YouTuber in India, Carry Minati posts videos, including Tech tutorials, game plays, and football tricks.

ü Lauren Curtis is the person who has the highest number of YouTube subscribers in Australia having more than 3.41 million subscribers. She is a beauty and fashion expert whose YouTube channel is “Lauren Beauty”.

ü Karikku is the YouTuber with the highest number of Subscribers in Kerala.

ü Ranz Kyle has the highest number of YouTube subscribers in the Philippines.

Which YouTube Channel Had the Most Number of Subscribers in 2021?

The YouTube channel with the most subscribers in 2021 was T-Series, The Indian Record Label, and a film-making company. This channel was the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube, and it has now more than 160 subscribers.

Which Singer Had the Highest Number of YouTube Subscribers in 2020?

Justin Bieber has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube as a solo artist. He has more than 57 million subscribers second to none other than the K-Pop sensational girl band PLACK PINK which has 50.5 million subscribers.

Why Am I Losing Subscribers on YouTube?

If you have ever started a YouTube channel, then you have probably noticed that the number of your subscribers sometimes goes down. It might make you wonder whether or not you have done something wrong to lose your followers. However, it may not always be your doing:

  1. After 24-48 hours of gaining new subscribers, YouTube will review your channel. And YouTube removes fake accounts or spam. If these accounts have followed you, you will see a decrease in your account’s subscribers.
  2. Sometimes viewers unsubscribe from your page because they are fed up and do not enjoy your content anymore.
  3. Once your viewers realize that the content of your channel has nothing new for them, they will unsubscribe. To avoid such a phenomenon, it would be wise to change the content of your channel every once in a while or to enter the conversation from a new angle. Make sure to make your content as entertaining as possible, making it innovative and informative.
  4. You have exhausted the topic of your conversation. When you have said all there was to say about a specific topic, viewers would not care to listen to your dull words, and they would leave your channel.
  5. If your channel and the content you are posting lack creativity and enthusiasm, no matter how hard you work on the message and try to deliver it correctly, you will fail to capture the minds and souls of your audience. When a more interesting channel comes around, the viewers switch to that.
  6. While you should not over-exhaust a fixed topic, it is important for you as a YouTuber to be able to provide a uniform and comprehensive message. For example, suppose you are providing political commentary on the matters of the day. In that case, you should not one day try to advocate for the benefits of Capitalism, while claiming that there are certain benefits to Socialism. This kind of commentary confuses your audience and retrieves them from your channel.

How Much Do Top YouTubers Make?

 In 2021, Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) was named the highest-earning YouTuber around the globe who has made more than 54 million dollars from YouTube. Donaldson has more than 92 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

In the second place came Jake Paul who made over 45 million dollars dominated YouTube.

Is It Good to Buy YouTube Channel Subscribers?

When you start a YouTube channel, at first it grows slowly and if you do not use the means available to you to boost your YouTube channel subscribers, your channel may never get the recognition it deserves. Therefore, it is perfectly just to use platforms and tools that would allow you to promote your channel to a wider range of audiences. However, using fake subscribers for your YouTube channel is never a good idea since YouTube might detect and remove them from your channel or might even remove your channel. Make sure to use trustworthy websites that offer real and natural YouTube subscribers.