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In the world we live, information is passed from one smartphone to the other within seconds. Therefore, you can no longer rely on your content to attract your desired audience. You need to get more creative to grow your audience. You may need to spend more money; you may need to chip in some Bitcoin!

Before venturing into buying Telegram members, let’s learn more about the Telegram application and its unique features, and how it can help you develop and grow your business.

 What is Telegram?

Telegram is a multi-platform messaging service and social media platform, founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov in 2013. More than 550 million people use Telegram services every month, making it the perfect platform for promoting one’s business and services. Watch this video to learn more about how to use Telegram.

Is Telegram Safe to Use?

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One feature that has made Telegram one of the most popular applications among followers is its strict privacy policy. Telegram’s end-to-end encryption policy allows a conversation between two parties to remain between the two, and no third party, including a company, government agency, hackers, etc., can view your conversation and gain access to your conversation history with somebody else.

What is the Difference between a Telegram Channel and a Telegram Group?

Upon entering a Telegram channel, you have access to a limited source of information about the number of channel subscribers and the channel posts and descriptions.

You can only view the content that has already been posted on the channel and view the latest posted content. However, you cannot post any content to a Telegram channel. There are no limits on who can subscribe to a Telegram channel. Telegram channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

 On the other hand, a Telegram group is a platform for several people to connect and interact with each other. You can post content on a Telegram group; however, sometimes, Telegram group administrators change the setting of the group so that only administrators can post content in Telegram groups. Unlike Telegram channels, not everyone can enter Telegram groups, and usually, members need to be invited to the Telegram group via invite links.

Apart from seeing the number of the Telegram group members, you can also visit their profiles in a Telegram group which is a feature that is not available for Telegram channels. While Telegram channels can have unlimited subscribers, you can add up to 200,000 members to a Telegram group.

What is the Difference between a Telegram Channel and a Telegram Group?

How to Bulk Invite Members to a Telegram Group?

The easiest way to add members to your Telegram group is by clicking on the “group info” icon and clicking “add member via invite link.” However, you can only add members one by one by using this method. What if you want to add multiple members at once? The easiest way to do this is using TexSender software. Follow this link to learn more about sending mass invites for your group to your Telegram contacts.


How to Add Members from another Telegram Group to Yours?

You sometimes want to add members from another Telegram group, which might be a group made by your business rival. What to do in this situation? The best solution is using Texapi Software. Follow this link to learn more about importing members from other Telegram groups to your Telegram group.


Get Free Telegram Subscribers

The first step to growing your Telegram audience is to use the tools available to you online to gain free Telegram members. Multiple websites on the internet provide services to help you get free Telegram subscribers. However, not all of these websites are trustworthy. Therefore, you need to take extra caution while trusting these sites. One of these sites is Add Telegram Member.

Go to the website, and you can see that they promise to attract at least 100 free members. All you need to do is contact them on WhatsApp, and they will guide you on the steps you need to take to gain new free Telegram members. Watch this video to understand how you can earn free Telegram members using Add Telegram Member Website.

How to Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

The easiest step for growing your Telegram channel is buying fake subscribers. But what exactly are fake subscribers? Fake subscribers or fake channel members are robot-generated users of your Telegram channel. Since fake subscribers are artificially generated, they do not give you authentic feedback on your business social media growth. Why are phony Telegram subscribers used then? Once you start a channel on Telegram, you witness it growing very poorly in the first few months.

The speed at which it grows depends on various factors, including the authenticity of your generated content and the marketing tactics to reach out that content to more people. But the surprising factor that impacts your Telegram channel’s further growth is how much it has grown already.

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Though it might seem odd, it is true. One crucial factor attracting more audience to your channel is how many subscribers you already have; new subscribers are less likely to get attracted to your channel if they realize that not many have already followed you.

And here’s where fake subscribers come in! They create a façade of a successful business and have already developed a network for customers and new subscribers. While fake subscribers generate no income for your website, they help generate more revenue for your business by establishing trust in the minds of new subscribers to buy your services or products.

 Therefore, if you are new to doing business on Telegram, you need to buy some fake subscribers. But the good news is you don’t need to cash in any real money; you can use your cryptocurrency wallet and chip in. Visit this page if you want to buy fake subscribers for your Telegram channel at a lower cost.

Can you Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers Using Telegram Member Adder?

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Recently a new set of software has been introduced on the internet that claims to automatically generate fake subscribers for your channel. Do not buy these types of software and do not download them on your phone since they are likely to pose risks to your system’s data security and privacy.

How to Buy Telegram Members Using Cryptocurrency

 One of the best websites you can use to buy Telegram members using Cryptocurrency is Cyber Market. On Cyber Market, you can buy both Telegram members and Telegram views using Cryptocurrency.

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How to Buy Real Telegram Channel Members Using Bitcoin

 Has it ever occurred to you that you can gain more real Telegram channel members by methods other than posting content and sharing your content with other channels? Well, now you can with the help of Cryptocurrency.

The original purpose of creating Cryptocurrency was that it would be able to replace the conventional mediums of currency. We have now arrived at the age where we can buy everything we want using cryptocurrency products, services, Telegram channel members, etc. You can purchase real Telegram subscribers at Rate Member using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfectmoney, etc.

How Many Real Telegram Members Can You Buy on Rate Member?

On Rate Member website, the minimum number of real members that can be bought using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is 1000 members.

How Many Fake Telegram Members Can You Buy on Rate Member?

On Rate Member, the minimum number of fake members who can be bought using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is 100 members.

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How Many Free Telegram Members Can You Get on Rate Member?

By using the provided services on Rate Member, you can gain 30 free telegram members that will be delivered to you to initiate your trust in the services offered.

Can Buying Subscribers Online Guarantee an Active Participation on Your Telegram Channel?

On Rate Member, you can find all the services you need to promote your business, mainly if those services include your Telegram channel. If you have started a Telegram channel to develop your business, then all you need to help your business grow is active participation on your channel.

You need to have active followers and subscribers who view and like your posts. This feature is offered through a unique set of services provided on Rate Member, allowing you to buy post views on Telegram.

 How Many Post Views Can You Buy on Rate Member?

On Rate Member, the minimum number of post views you can buy for your Telegram posts is 100. You can buy 100 fake post views for at least 5 of your latest posts.

How to Buy Indian Telegram Members

Apart from targeting your audience based on your business category, you can also target them by their nationality. For instance, you can buy beli members for Telegram using the following website. On this website, you can buy up to 5000 Indian Telegram members.

 Buy Telegram Group Members at

There are multiple websites that you can use to buy telegram group members. One of the websites that helps you buy cheap telegram group members is You can purchase real, fake, and group Telegram members on Cibu at a low price. You can buy your Telegram group subscribers using the following monetary policies: PayPal – Visa/CreditCard – BTC, ETH, and all Cryptocurrencies – Perfect Money – Web Money – Skrill – QIWI – Rouble – Bank Transfer.

How Many Telegram Group Members can you buy on Cibu?

On Cibu, you can buy from 200 to 20,000 group members at a meager cost. You can buy up to 20,000 cheap Telegram group members at merely 35$. You can also benefit from a 20% percent bonus if you decide to pay with Perfectmoney or use Coin payments.