Purchasing backlinks or promotional posts?


The purchase of backlinks or promotional posts seems to be the managers’ method of choice to increase the site’s ranking and traffic. The entirely principled and standard purchase of backlinks or promotional posts is supposed to improve the site’s (SEO) ranking in the search engines. However, there are also differences between buying backlinks or buying promotional posts, the details of which need to be carefully considered.

To be taken seriously and compete in today’s busy world, business managers should go after principled link-building to succeed in making a brand of their website. The issue of SEO and link-building has expanded much more than before nowadays. Thus, different SEO methods are used in search engines to rate the sites. Purchasing backlinks or promotional posts seems to be among the most common approaches to improving websites’ ranking. We try in this article to explain important tips regarding these two topics for you.

The definitions of backlink and promotional post

You may first need to get quite familiar with the definitions of a backlink and a promotional post before buying any of them so that you can make the right decision accordingly. A backlink is an outbound link from one site page to another, which can be made directly. When buying backlinks, only one word of your site link will be published on another popular site. With the help of that word, different users can enter your site, and thereby, your site ranking will improve.

Promotional post is a more modern method than backlinks with numerous benefits. To utilize promotional posts, besides having sufficient skills to write them, you should manage to find the right hosting website for publishing your promotional posts. A promotional post initially needs interesting and attractive content. Then, by placing a few follow links, you can improve your site ranking by those PPs in search engines.

The search engines reaction to buying backlinks and promotional posts

Google search engine and other smart search engines will show different reactions to the purchase of backlinks or promotional posts. As described, a backlink redirects the target audiences to your website by publishing a word on the host site. However, the work process varies a little in buying promotional posts since the promotional post is recognized as an indirect advertisement of goods and services that has several follow links.

Due to the occurrence of numerous violations in buying backlinks, search engines show more sensitive reactions to the inclusion of promotional posts. To avoid Google robots considering your backlinks and promotional posts as a violation and using these tools properly, it would be better for you to employ specialized websites in this field, such as Cyberg.

Key points concerning buying backlinks and promotional posts

Internet business owners should use the right and accurate link-building methods to gain the top ranking for their websites from search engines. There are various approaches to enhance and improve a site’s ranking that buying promotional posts instead of buying backlinks seems to be one of them.as mentioned in  Advantages of Promotional Posts In practice, submitting promotional posts appears to work better for the website due to fewer (or zero) violations.

If the purchase of backlinks is made improperly and unprincipled, Google can detect it using its bots and fine the infringing site. Thus, we recommend various business managers use promotional posts instead of buying backlinks to improve their sites in terms of SEO in a suitable platform.

The main differences between buying backlinks and buying promotional posts

There are major differences between buying backlinks or buying promotional posts that need to be considered. Webmasters should first gain sufficient information and knowledge in this area and then make a purchase. Backlinks are placed on host websites periodically and may be deleted completely after a specified time period, while promotional posts are published permanently, which is an advantage.

The purchase cost is another difference between buying backlinks and buying promotional posts. You have to bear a high expenditure to buy backlinks on a popular website to get tangible results. However, you can publish your promotional posts on highly popular websites at a reasonable cost. In fact, you can have your promotional posts published permanently by spending only once, benefiting from their advantages.

Promotional posting

You can choose one of the mentioned advertising methods for yourself according to your needs and budget. However, collectively, we can say that promotional posting has relatively better advantages over buying backlinks to be chosen by site webmasters and administrators due to the users’ experiences as well as the announced efficiency. Each of the abovementioned methods can help you achieve a proper goal.

You preferably need to choose high-quality news and promotional posting platform for purchasing an appropriate promotional post to achieve the desired result. We recommend you to use the services provided by the Cyberg website since this website, owing to have an expert team and publishing ads and promotional posts on more than 300 popular sites with reasonable and affordable prices, has the potential and expertise to provide you with the best results.

The competition among different websites has gone beyond ever before in today’s world, and the winner of this healthy competition would be the one who can purposefully make the right decisions in the business market. We tried in this article to provide you with useful and appropriate information and tips regarding buying backlinks or buying promotional posts. We hope you can also take the right measures to advance your goals accordingly.

We should finally state that publishing promotional posts with a maximum of 3 to 5 links is known to be the best method of building external links. But, to successfully improve your site ranking by a principled method, we encourage you to consult with SEO experts. To do so, you can use the Cyberg website to get proper results as soon as possible.

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