Promotional Posting And Impact on SEO

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A promotional post refers to the content that is published on other sites and news channels. Since the website SEO heavily depends on creating organic backlinks and site visits, promotional posts allow you to indirectly introduce your products and services to others and increase your site traffic accordingly.

Promotional posts are made on reputable sites that themselves have many visitors, through which content marketing comes true. You can indeed observe the impact of promotional posts on SEO here. The “Follow” links from reputable sites can represent your site credible to Google, and this will significantly help to improve the SEO of the site with promotional posts.

promotional post SEO

What is the impact of promotional posts on SEO?

You need to know how promotional posting works before evaluating the impact of promotional posts on SEO. The website’s SEO is improved with permanent promotional posting. Content, promotional posting is done based on some principles. The content should have been fully optimized concerning its keywords and density. You need to generate appropriate content relevant to your business area according to the context of your business.

Choosing a reputable site, which is both preferably related to your field of activity and has a high SEO reputation, is also an important task.

The content is posted on a reputable site, which generates credibility for the source site through creating backlinks for the site and also directs a number of the host site visitors to your area.

This leads the crawler bots of the search engines to your site, and hence, the SEO promotion happens with promotional posting.

You can typically get between 3 and 5 permanent backlinks from the host site in a promotional post. These backlinks will enhance your credibility with Google and improve your website’s SEO. It may occur to you that how the website’s SEO can affect the rise in revenue or branding?

When the site’s SEO is improved by promotional posting, your site will gradually promote to the top priorities of Google’s “Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

” Thus, besides having more visitors through promotional posts, the people who search for your desired keyword will find you more efficiently, and in this way, your site’s traffic will increase.

Link building is done through the promotional posting by different methods.

Your site link may be inserted in the footer section, menu, or ad section. Some other backlinks are added in the text and article, which are scored better by Google.

For example, some keywords or their synonyms can be prepared for backlink building by linking to your site.

In this case, the backlink is made from inside the article and will provide more credibility. The audience also encounters the links when reading the article and can enter your site faster by clicking on them.

The impact of promotional posting on the SEO cannot be ignored; however, you need to be careful to perform all the steps of creating a promotional post.

with high accuracy from the beginning to the end to have a more significant impact and can be effective in branding.

The impact of promotional posting on the off-page SEO

The external site SEO or the off-page SEO refers to activities that an SEO expert performs out of the site. The use of link building through the promotional posting is one of the essential methods of this procedure. SEO is a new strategy in online advertising and marketing.

It provides businesses with a good opportunity to be placed in the top priorities of search engine results, such as Google to surpass their competitors.


You can also positively affect the SEO by establishing a blog. By publishing the content on your site in your blog, you can do promotional posting in this way.

since Google recognizes blogs as non-commercial pages and values them. News sites usually list the content inserted on the site page as a notification (information provision). Therefore, both the audience and Google have more trust in its links, representing a non-advertising aspect. Creating a permanent backlink to a reputable news site can be highly effective and efficiently improve SEO. However, you should also be careful when generating content to avoid advertising aspects. Thus, you need to originally generate a promotional post content focusing on providing information and tailored to the other content of the host site.


Permanent promotional posts and link-building through the promotional posting are a new and highly influential method in the website’s SEO. Hence, the optimal use of this approach can easily increase the SEO ranking of the site. Improving the site’s SEO ranking by promotional posting can be done at a very low cost, bringing high efficiency to your site due to its great impact and efficiency.