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Huobi Global Review: Huobi crypto exchange

Overall, the Huobi web application is a user-friendly and secure exchange platform for both amateur and seasoned crypto traders. The analytical features are not outstanding, and the transaction fees are high. Huobi does not follow US regulations, so it does not require user identification. Please tell us what you think of the application and share your experience with crypto exchange applications in the comments below.
  • Huobi is user-friendly
  • No identification is required
  • Various fiats and coins are available
  • The transaction fees are high
  • Discounts require holding Huobi Tokens
  • Poor analytical tools
  • US regulations do not approve the web application
fiats and coins supported - 6
User Experience - 5
tools and features - 5
transaction fees - 2

Today, more and more people are starting to recognize cryptocurrencies as valuable assets. The net capital over cryptocurrencies has surpassed $2 Trillion in 2021, and the number is only increasing. Therefore, many people are looking for viable crypto exchange apps to perform trades and gain profits. The Huobi Global Review evaluates the Huobi Global cryptocurrency exchange platform to give you a detailed overview of one of the most popular exchange apps.

Huobi Global Review: logo image

About the Huobi Global Review

In the Huobi Globar Review, we focus on the main aspects of a potent program that makes trades in a blink of an eye in a secure way. Therefore, we start with the fiat money and crypto tokens that you can trade on Huobi. Then, we talk about the user experience and top features offered on the platform, including trades, futures, and other valuable tools. As traders care about transaction fees and costs, we have dedicated an entire section to transaction rates and how you can save on trades. Next, we compare Huobi with other 2021 top exchange applications to find out which suites your needs. In the end, we summarize the article and talk about Huobi’s pros and cons. In addition, I suggest you read other articles on cyberg about different types of applications.

What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is a cryptocurrency exchange application that allows trades of other fiats and crypto tokens. The company was founded in 2009 in China, but it had to relocate its headquarters to Seychelles due to restrictive laws issued by the Chinese government. They also have active offices in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Their reputation is solid, with millions of clients and billions of dollars worth of trades daily. Huobi Global supports over 350 different crypto tokens and various fiat money that makes trade easy for people from different countries. Next, we discuss the types of fiats and coins that you can trade over the Huobi application.

Huobi Global Review: approved fiat currencies

Although users worldwide can exchange their national currencies into USD, EUR, and other common currencies, they are inclined toward using their national currency to avoid extra transaction fees and further trouble along the way. Therefore, the more fiat money an exchange application supports, the more universal clients it attracts.

Huobi Global cryptocurrency exchange application accepts credit cards and debit cards such as Visa and bank payments. Users can trade 57 different local currencies for digital assets in Huobi. That gives Huobi an advantage over most other crypto trading platforms.

Some of the most interesting, perhaps bizarre, national currencies include Arabian currencies, African fiats, and other local money.

What coins are tradable on Huobi Global Review?

People use trading apps to turn their investments into the most profitable crypto portfolios. Some people hold widely accepted coins, while others try altcoins to scrape profits and benefits. Therefore, having a plethora of digital assets available for trade is considered of the essence for software such as Huobi Global.

In this part of the Huobi Review, we discuss the most dominant coins presented on the platform. There are over 300 different crypto assets available on Huobi Global. The tokens range from Bitcoin, Etherium, and other common coins to those coins that have just launched recently. Huobi offers trades of most coins among the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of total market cap.

Huobi Global Review: What are the top features of the crypto exchange app?

In this part of the Huobi Global Review, we evaluate the most effective exchange platform features so that users can compare and contrast Huobi against similar tools and find the best media for their crypto trades.

As a result, we will mention the user experience and how the UI interacts with users first. Then we discuss safety and security since nobody likes their assets to vanish into thin air. Next, we capitalize on different analytical tools and charts available for expert crypto traders. In addition, we will discuss the futures, margins, and other tools that make trades more exciting in Huobi. So, let’s roll with the Huobi Review.

Huobi user testing and user experience report

The Huobi Global home page conveys a modern yet functional feeling for users. The landing page contains nothing but the necessary information you need to trade cryptocurrencies. There is the latest news along with announcements from Huobi on recent market trends.

Huobi Global Review: Home screen screenshot

Scrolling down the homepage, you can view the latest market volatility in real-time for the top coins such as BTC and ETH. Further down the page, there is a brief introduction to the most popular features to users, such as asset management, payment methods, storage, and mobile applications.

In a nutshell, Huobi Global leaves an excellent first impression, especially for those who are a novice in the realm of digital currencies.

Is Huobi safe and secure?

Huobi has not been reported to have a bad reputation regarding exchange losses or hacker attacks. It is protected by different firewalls and security codes that will block any potentially harmful activities. I would also like to mention the risk management tools in the Huobi Global Review for those who fear losing all their assets overnight. These tools are vital for avoiding high-risk trades and managing your assets. Huobi has five years of experience with risk management services along with other protective features.

Huobi Review: charts and analytical tools

Having different analytical tools and overviews is vital in such a volatile ecosystem as cryptocurrency trades. Therefore, in this part of the Huobi Global Review, we depict the most standard charts and tools available.

Markets View

In the markets tab, you can see different charts that display the latest prices and changes in crypto assets and tokens. The Huobi Main chart has sorted the coins by their total market cap. However, other exciting charts emphasize coins in radically different ways. For example, the Huobi New chart displays the latest tokens added to the Huobi assets. Other exciting charts include Huobi Inno, Huobi next, and Huobi Pioneer.

Huobi Global Review: screenshot

All the charts mentioned above share the same information: the last price, change in %, high, low, 24hr volume, and 24hr turnover.

On the right side of the market overview, there are lists of the top gainers, newest, and VOL Leaders. In addition, you can look into the futures trades if you’re interested or create your Watchlist in Huobi Global.

Spot Trading, Margins, and Bots

This tab views the prices and graphs for experts. You can’t draw different technical analysis lines of candles; it gives more detail on the prices and market trends.

You can also create a favorite list of tokens that you’re interested in. The Huobi Global Review also has to inform you that bots are also available on Huobi to perform trades even when you’re asleep. After all, the crypto market never sleeps; neither should your trades.

Margin trades are popular among some traders, and Huobi would allow users to participate in those trades. However, I strongly recommend you avoid margin trading unless you have the proper analytical skills and sufficient experience. The consequences of emotional trades could be severe.

Finance, Huobi Review

Crypto assets can be lent or borrowed just like the regular fiat currencies. In addition, you can stake the coins that you hold in the Huobi Global exchange application. Huobi Earn is another way that users can leverage their assets for making more profits. Using these features, investors can lend their crypto tokens to Huobi and get a fixed amount of interest if they lock their assets. Conversely, they can take their assets anytime and get a flexible daily interest rate. This method might benefit long-term holders the most.

Huobi Review, Primepool

You can also lock specific tokens to earn newly launched tokens. These tokens are low in price; however, they have a significant chance of booming and making you considerable profits.

What is Huobi Staking?

Staking is another way to finance cryptocurrencies and gain interest. This tool helps users double on their current assets. The deals change with time; however, once you stake tokens, you will be rewarded duly.

Tutorials, Huobi Global Review

The novice and experienced traders need to know the exchange platform they are using. Therefore, in this part of the Huobi Global Review, we discuss both in-house and external education resources of investing and trading digital assets on Huobi.

Huobi internal tutorials and guides

There is a comprehensive guide with dozens of articles on Huobi Global application features and various cryptocurrencies. The guide is entirely organized and easy to navigate, even for beginners.

Huobi Global Review: screenshot

Moreover, the Huobi Blog is home to many clients and crypto experts who share their views and experiences with others.

All in all, the internal tutorials and guides are helpful to find your way to the top of crypto markets.

External tutorials

Although Huobi provides adequate guides for clients, external tutorials give users more options to learn how to use the application. Further, the more information is available on a specific application, the more familiar the app. At least that’s the way I see it.

Huobi Global Review considers YouTube a prominent education resource. Therefore, first, we attend the official Huobi Global YouTube Channel. Users can learn about the exchange applications and different concepts about blockchain and digital assets on the channel. Plus, there are many influencers and crypto experts that have discussed Huobi’s quirks and features.

There are also hundreds of courses about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.Nevertheless, there aren’t many courses that teach trading on Huobi Global exclusively.

Huobi Global Review: transaction fees and costs

Since there are many free analytic tools on the crypto market, transaction fees have become more significant in the eyes of traders. Therefore, we’ve dedicated an entire section to the costs and transaction fees of using Huobi Global.

The Huobi Global cryptocurrency exchange transaction fees vary depending on how much BTC you trade or HT (Huobi Token) you hold. In this Huobi Global Review, we focus on microscale investors and beginners since the professional users operate on different exchange applications.

Huobi Global Review: screenshot

There are six levels of normal users or microscale traders on Huobi. The base transaction rate for both makers and takers is set at 0.2% at Huobi Global. The minimum HT you need to get a 10% discount is ten tokens. Users who hold over 100 HTs get 20% off, and those holding over 500 tokens will get a 40% cut. At this stage, the transaction fee stands at 0.12%, which is still higher than many popular crypto exchange platforms, even without holding a particular type of asset. The ultimate normal users get a 65% discount for holding over 5000 HTs; therefore, you’ll be charged 0.07% for takers and makers fees.

If you trade over 1000 BTCs a month, you will get further discounts as a professional Huobi user.

Transaction Fees in a nutshell

The prices are higher than most other competitors in Huobi; furthermore, there are other aspects that you should consider when choosing your cryptocurrency exchange web application. Continue reading the Huobi Global Review to scour the differences between Huobi and major crypto exchanges.

Huobi Global Review: 2021 Alternatives

Over 300 different web applications offer the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can directly trade coins from their wallets, thanks to the decentralized Blockchain technology that is the essence of cryptocurrencies. The Huobi Global Review mentions six of the most popular exchange applications based on their exchange volume in 2021. Nevertheless, their popularity was another factor that we took into consideration.

Binance Vs. Huobi Global:

Binance is the most prominent exchange application throughout all available cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It supports most coins and holds the most famous trade volume regarding each currency. Binance offers many professional tools, and that explains why they charge more than Huobi Global. However, I recommend you read our review on the most popular cryptocurrency application.


Coinbase is a secure platform for buying and selling currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and other currencies. Binance is the number one in terms of trade volume by far. However, Coinbase offers a wide range of educational material and highly secure trading options. In addition, it is approved by US regulations, as opposed to Huobi. It is also worth noting that Huobi Global has a lower transaction fee compared to Coinbase in general. Read the Coinbase Review for more information on the application.


Kraken is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange applications available on PC and smartphones. While US regulations approve Kraken, which leads to higher transaction fees than other trade platforms, Kraken is still cheaper to use than Huobi, which is not even approved by the US crypto law. Read our Kraken Review to find out more about Kraken and its top features.


This bank and exchange agency also provides support for different virtual currencies. The transaction fees are much cheaper in FTX; In addition, users find FTX easier to use and more user-friendly. Further, both Huobi and FTX have their exclusive token, saving you some transaction costs if you hold some in your crypto portfolio. Read our FTX review to find out more about the program.


KuCoin is an international cryptocurrency exchange that offers the KCS token as opposed to Huobi’s HT. The app is a serious rival to Huobi Global in terms of transaction fees and supported altcoins. Huobi global supports more coin markets; however, the average transaction fees are ten times more than KuCoin. Neither of the apps needs user identification.


Bitfinex is based in Hong Kong and offers cryptocurrency exchange to over a hundred different nations. Thus, they are almost the same in terms of international coverage. Bitfinex has higher transaction fees but lower withdrawal fees. In return, it supports a wide variety of coins.

The conclusion of the Huobi Review

It’s time to sum up, the comprehensive Huobi Global Review. However, let’s recap the most significant pros and cons of using Huobi Global for traders with or without prior crypto exchange experience.

The Positive points of Huobi

Huobi is user-friendly

No identification is required

Various fiats and coins are available

The negative points of using Huobi Global

The transaction fees are high

US regulations do not approve the web application

Discounts require holding Huobi Tokens

Poor analytical tools

Overall, the Huobi web application is a user-friendly and secure exchange platform for both amateur and seasoned crypto traders. The analytical features are not outstanding, and the transaction fees are high. Huobi does not follow US regulations, so it does not require user identification. Please tell us what you think of the application and share your experience with crypto exchange applications in the comments below.

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