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Influence Review: Influencer Marketing Website

Influence.co is a social media marketing platform that connects influencers to interested parties. This website gives influencers the chance to monetize their social assets. Furthermore, it helps businesses leverage social media to earn more profits in sales.
  • User-friendly social media marketing website
  • Over 38,000 influencers around the world
  • Good search and filtering options
  • Vague instructions on payments methods
  • The basic version is just a demo and not practical
User Experience - 7
services and features - 7
value over price - 7
free version - 3

Social media has become an inseparable part of the contemporary lifestyle. Accordingly, companies have also shifted some of their attention and budget to social media marketing. The Influence Review scrutinizes a digital marketing platform that converges businesses and businesses to fulfill their mutual interest.

Influence Review: logo

Influence is where influencers and business owners meet and collaborate to gain interest. Influencers can help businesses raise brand and product awareness, gain popularity and sell more. On the other hand, businesses help influencers leverage their popularity and monetize their social media accounts.

In the Influence Review, we scour the most practical features of the website and the products and services it has to offer both parties. In addition, we will discuss pricing and payment methods. Eventually, we bring the article home by recapping some of the advantages and setbacks of using Influence as a social media marketing solution.

Available Platforms

One of the essential factors in determining the effectiveness of a digital marketing solution is how far your campaigns can reach. Thus, in this part of the Influence Review, we mention the apps on which you can advertise your brand. The following apps can be connected to your Influence account if you want to make money using them.

  1. Instagram:
    According to Influence, being one of the most popular social media apps with a variety of contents, Instagram is the priority social media platform.
  2. YouTube
  3. TikTok
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Patreon
  7. Facebook

In addition, influencers and publishers can share their other works as part of their resume from these platforms:

  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitch
  • Periscope
  • Amazon
  • Podcast
  • Clubhouse
  • Link In Bio
  • And of course, your primary website

Offers for Influencers, Influence Review

In this part of the Influence Review, we discuss the typically interesting features of influencers who want to earn money using what they do best, entertaining their audience.

There are three things that you can do as an influencer on Influence.co. First, you can meet other people that you can collaborate with and learn from. Second, you can learn about the latest trends and frizzes; moreover, you can learn how to extend your influence using tips and techniques on the forums and blogs. Last but not least, you can earn money by creating branded content or simply posting sponsored content on your social media accounts.

Getting paid for branded content

Once you have created your profile, interested businesses will contact you to negotiate projects. Sometimes you have to participate in a challenge or a video clip. Alternatively, they might ask you just to share a poster on your social media account.

You set the minimum price per post on your profile to let the employers know the base price. However, depending on the type of content and contract, you can get paid much higher.

When you have accomplished a task, such as posting a story on your Instagram account, the money will be added to your balance. You can later withdraw the income earned on Influence to your PayPal account.

Opportunities for businesses and brands

In this part of the Influence Review, we first explain how Influence can improve companies’ marketing strategies. Then, we will assess the features that Influence provides so that business owners are connected to the right group of influencers.

Influencers and the marketing funnels, Influence Review

Business owners can benefit from the influence of social media influencers in different stages of their marketing funnels. Influencers can help companies raise awareness by reaching new audiences; consequently, they can grow their social following and turn their social media audience into a valuable asset. Further, companies can generate interest through authentic stories; thus, driving more traffic to their websites and pages.

Influence Review: marketing funnel

At the bottom of the marketing funnel, influencers can have a significant impact on prospects’ decisions. As mentioned before in the Influence Review, modern customers heavily rely on social media research when searching for products and services. Therefore, a social media campaign can create positive sentiment.

Last but not least, you can call your audience to action by driving purchases from influencers’ audiences.

Influencer discovery

Influencer gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your research among hundreds of thousands of social media celebrities. You can browse the influencers by their niche, location, reach, followers, engagement rate, and other parameters. Thus, you can avoid wasting money on pages with fake followers and target accounts with authentic users.

Influence Review: search

Manage your campaigns

You can see the progress of each individual project with straightforward infographics. Plus, you can keep in touch with the influencers you work with.

Analyze results

Getting feedbacks enables marketing agents and businesses to devise effective strategies in their subsequent campaigns. Influence publishes information on the total sales performance of each influencer’s account. Moreover, it calculates your ROI based on your costs and total sales so that you can hire the top sellers in upcoming projects.

Build brand ambassador programs

Trust is precious, and you can keep in touch with influencers that you find potent for establishing an ambassador program with. Using this feature, you can continue to promote new products and services.

Influence Review: services evaluation

Now that you have read the features mentioned earlier in the Influence Review, we can agree that the website provides excellent opportunities for both influencers and businesses. The influencers can find sponsors with comparable products and services and monetize their accounts. On the flip side, business owners and marketers can filter the influencers that best fit their campaigns. In addition, they can use the results as guidance for future projects.

Finding Influencers’ rates on Influence

As mentioned earlier in the Influence Review, companies can sort influencers by different factors; additionally, influencers can use the Influencer Rates Map to estimate a reasonable price for their services.

Influence Review: screenshot

As depicted above, you can apply filters such as total followers, engagement rates, country, and other options to narrow down your scope of research. Then, you can negotiate with influencers or companies and settle the price for each campaign.

For example, most influencers with 10k-25k followers would charge from $50 to $150 per post. Of course, the final rate can vary from one individual to another. However, some factors such as engagement rate are directly proportional to the costs.

Accounts and pricings- Influence Review

Although you can browse and sign up to Influence for free, there are some advantages to paying for the premium service. This part of the Influence Review describes the differences between the standard free account and the pro account.

You can upgrade your account to Pro by paying $4 per month, which is billed annually. Here are the claims by the Influence Website about the merits of paying the extra fee:

  • Get discovered: people will notice that you are serious when they see the Pro badge.
  • Get more work: you can contact more brands and apply to more campaigns.
  • See and track everything: keep track of your growth, and watch how others thrive.

Differences between the Pro and Basic accounts

From another perspective, you get the following benefits using the Pro account:

  • 6 times more contacts per week
  • 10 times more brand campaigns
  • Unlimited results per search vs. only 50 results
  • Unlimited lists
  • See you Instagram follower growth
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • PRO badge
Influence Review: PRO version

The Conclusion of the Influence Review

Influence.co is a social media marketing platform that connects influencers to interested parties. This website gives influencers the chance to monetize their social assets. Furthermore, it helps businesses leverage social media to earn more profits in sales.

Here are the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of the Influence website.

Positive points

  • User-friendly social media marketing website
  • Over 38,000 influencers around the world
  • Good search and filtering options

Negative points

  • Vague instructions on payments methods
  • The basic version is just a demo and not practical

Let us know if you are a member of the Influence lot. Also, share your thoughts about social media marketing and ad campaigns with other Cyberg readers.

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